El Racó del Trampolí is the name of the two charity shops where you will find new and used items, all donated by the community and companies. Created as project to improve the quality of life of people with mental disabilities as well as their social and labor integration, it also functions as a source of funding for other projects of our entity.

El Racó del Trampolí was set up in 2008, and was installed in a small annex space at our centre. It was the starting point of sensitization in order to reduce both socio-labor difficulties -by offering pre-employment training- and improving the transversal capabilities of each client. As the space became too small, the charity shop moved in 2014 to a new, larger space in La Bisbal d’Empordà. In 2016 another charity shop was opened in Torroella de Montgrí, with the same objectives as the first. Since their opening, both shops have firmly taken root among the community and have consolidated as a model of sustainable economic activity with great return in social terms.

El Racó del Trampolí is much more than a charity shop. It is a place for meeting and social cohesion for people from all over. It’s an open, social, lively area where the community and the clients of our Centre feel at home. It is a space where -thanks to the efforts of employees and volunteers- the clients of our centre participate in the commercial activity of the charity shops, which allows them to practice their occupational skills (customer service, fold-store-care of merchandise, care of the facilities…) and transversal skills (communication, language, autonomy, initiative…).

With more than 60 clients currently enrolled, El Trampolí is a pioneering centre in Europe that collaborates with national and international centres, sharing work methodologies and experiences. To be able to continue our social task, we continuously strive to become self-financing and our charity shops are one of the most important ways to reach that goal.

How can you assist this project? You can contribute by donating items. All objects in the two shops are fruit of donations by both people from and outside the village, even outside the county. You can bring it directly to the stores or – in case the items are heavy and bulky – we can come to your home and pick it up with our truck. Call us: 654 996 947!

Another way to collaborate with this project is through volunteering. Become a volunteer! Give us a hand with the services of selecting items, hanging clothes in racks, doing pick-ups, etc.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone donating items, all volunteers in the stores, and of course all our customers. Your help and purchase improve the quality of life of our people: Come to our charity shops!


La Bisbal

Carrer Aigüeta, 24

17100 La Bisbal d’Empordà

Tel. 654 996 947



Plaça d’Espanya, 3

17257 Torroella de Montgrí

Tel. 645 517 237


Open Monday to Saturday.
Home collection can be arranged. Call: 654 996 947