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Do you want to help us? Make a donation. We need your financial support!

Given the fact that our own revenues are unfortunately not enough to finance the project “I also participate, we are counting on generous donations and grants from companies and individuals. In order to develop this wonderful place, we depend on your support and contribution.

Collaborating with El Trampolí has tax benefits: deduction on personal income tax and corporate tax, in accordance with current regulations.**)

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**) The Trampolí is an entity registered in the Register of Foundations with number 17-0057.
All individuals who make a donation to the entity can deduct from their taxable income (IRPF) the following: (1) For the first € 150: 50%, (2) For the rest of the donation: 27.5% (but, if in the two previous immediate tax periods, you had made donations to this same entity for a similar amount this could become 32.5%). The applied deduction may not exceed 10% of the taxpayer’s taxable income in the period.
A tax certificate will be issued on request.

If you want to give your support to El Trampolí on an on-going basis, you can become a member →

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