With the aim of working on all areas that influence social integration, the entity also saw the need to work on the issue of housing for this group.

The Home Residence of El Trampolí is a temporary or permanentresidential service, specifically for people with intellectual disabilities who need a home due to the impossibility of living with their family as a result of problems arising from their disability, lack of family or for not having adequate social-family and assistance conditions.

In the home residence personal and health care is guaranteed, participation in the daily dynamics is stimulated and contact with the family is encouraged. It is a service that adapts to the individual characteristics of the clients, offering different levels of support and is open to the supporting community.

By means of small assignments and tasks at the Home Residence the clients learn hands on to participate in the routine of a home: fold, store and care of ones clothing, tidy up and clean private and common spaces, understand the importance of a healthy and varied menu… At the same time emphasis is laid on teamwork, respect, intimacy, communication, empathy, etc.

The service is registered in the Register of Entities, Services and Social Establishments, in the section Services and Facilities for people with disabilities as Residence for people with intellectual disabilities El Trampolí. The service is classified as Temporary or permanent home residence service for people with intellectual disabilities, with a residential capacity of 5 places.

Another project related to the home residence is the “short stay”. This offers families an alternative at a certain moment when they cannot take care of their children / family, while offering clients a weekend with a variety of leisure activities.

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