El Trampolí


Set up a structure where persons with an intellectual disability are the main characters of their own life project:

  • Work for equal rights and opportunities, accompanying people in their own life projects, giving them the necessary support to be able to respond to the demands of their environment.
  • Accompany families in the personal growth of their children / relatives and give them the necessary support.
  • Guarantee the quality of care that each person receives.


  • Enhance the creative abilities, self-esteem and autonomy of people with mental disabilities, stimulating their personal growth and their social integration.
  • Offer people with mental disabilities the necessary tools to integrate into society.
  • Seek to overcome their difficulties through a wide variety of activities and workshops that are adapted to their needs and abilities (music therapy, yoga, theatre, painting, independent living, art therapy, cultural outings, etc.).
  • Contribute to the awareness of society by increasing the collective presence within the community, giving the opportunity to become acquainted and understood.
  • Develop initiatives related to housing, work, culture, leisure and the environment to enhance their integration.

Foundation of the entity

The foundation of the entity and all its services and programs are based on five pillars:

  1. Social and service
  2. Art (theatre, dance, painting, music and creative crafts)
  3. Spirituality (living here and now) Respect for nature (animals, organic kitchen garden, love, sustainability) Social economy All these five aspects aim to promote the normalization, inclusion and integration of people with mental disabilities.
  4. Respect for nature (animals, organic kitchen garden, love, sustainability)
  5. Social economy

All these five aspects aim to promote the normalization, inclusion and integration of people with mental disabilities.

Social impact of the entity

El Trampolí as a whole has a significant social impact on society in both the town of La Bisbal d’Empordà as well as the region of Baix Empordà. The entity is intended for both clients and the general population. In addition to offering services and programs to people with mental disabilities, El Trampolí is an important company, and contributes to the culture and sustainability of the region.

Structure of teh entity


A team of people who ensure the welfare of its clients forms El Trampolí. A large part of our team consists of permanent employees. Currently we have about 21 permanent employees. Volunteers and people doing their internship assist the regular staff, whom together year after year participate both in the development of specific activities, and in the development of the entity in general.

Each year, a training plan for workers is drawn up. This includes an annual group training, as well as the possibility of a more personalized training if necessary.

Facilities and material

During the last years, the entity has grown tremendously. Currently we have among others a creative centre, a dining room, a home residence, a bar (Bar Muntanya), an organic kitchen garden and two charity shops. With regard to sporting activities, we are allowed to use the sports facilities of the municipality of La Bisbal. All these facilities are scattered over different locations in La Bisbal, which is not efficient, neither in terms of time or expenses.
We have two passenger vans available for the transport of users. We have a third passenger van available for the transport of the Theater Company. We have a truck available for the collection and transport of all kinds of objects and goods for the solidarity shops.

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